Tech Specs/HD Filming

The Knitting Factory Concert House
211 N. Virginia
Reno, NV 89501
775.323.5648 Main Phone

General Information
The Knitting Factory Concert House has a maximum of 1265-person capacity depending on stage and seating.

All video taping requests must be advanced with Knitting Factory at least 3 days in advance. A release or contract must be signed for any video taping.

All photographers and members of the press must obtain clearance from our Publicity Department.

All guest-lists are due by 4 pm the day of the show.

The Knitting Factory Concert House requires that current Stage and Lighting Plots, Input Lists, Backline and Hospitality Riders be provided in advance directly to the Production Manager.

Closed Circuit video will be broadcast in-house only.

Production Specifications

Production Advance:
Contact Production Manager at 775.323.5648 for advance. Load-in, Catering, etc., must be advanced with the Production Manager. Nothing is to be assumed from riders.

Load-in & Parking:

Load in from Fulton Alley – Trucks back in from 2nd St. Ramp to ground approx 120’ push to stage. Covered loading area directly adjacent to venue entrance. Stage on ground level

Truck must be moved after load in to secondary location.

Bobtail – Advance with Production Manager
Bus – Parking available– no shore power available
Semi-Truck – Advance with Production Manager

Dressing Rooms:
Artist lounge in basement with private stairwell access to stage.
Holds 10 people comfortably and includes a full-length mirror, refrigerator, comfortable furniture and television. 2 private bathrooms are located adjacent to lounge, 1 with shower. 3 small private dressing rooms available – can be divided with separate access for support act.

Additional pipe and drape dressing rooms available to be built upon advance notice.

Stage Size
28’w X 20’d X 4’h
full width mojo barricade
Trim stage deck to low steel 26’
Trim stage to lighting trusses –
Downstage approximately 19’ – Upstage approximately 18’

Fixed points on beam clamps



Yamaha M7CL (Located approximately 40’ from stage house left of center)

All dynamic processing (Compression and gating) is done with the Yamaha M7CL console.

Reverb & Delay:
All reverb and delay processing is done with the Yamaha M7CL console.

2 MP3 player lines available at FOH.
CD player available upon request.

FOH PA System –
6 EAW KF750 (4 per side)
6 EAW KF755 (2 per side)
8 EAW SB750 dual 18? subs located under stage
Mains flown


FOH PA Racks
4 FDS-366 Omni Drives
8 QSC PL236 (Mains)
2 QSC PL6 (Subs)

Monitors Console:
Yamaha M7CL (Located upstage left on catwalk approximately 4’ above stage deck)
ANY monitor console substitutions must be advanced with PM

Under stage and in basement.

Graphic EQ’s
5 Ashley GQ3102.

7 Meyer UM1P Powered Wedges
1 Meyer USM1P Powered Wedge – Drum

2 Meyer MTS-4

Snakes, Subsnakes and Mic Cables
Whirlwind 48X10 3way split snake
12 pair drum snake
6 pair stage snakes (2)

200 amp 3 phase sound disconnect w camlocks (utilized for house sound / stage power)
200 amp 3 phase light disconnect w camlocks (utilized for in house stage lights)
100 amp 3 phase utility panel (available)
Stage power by ProPower RPD
4 onstage stringers with 3 quad boxes per – six 20 amp circuits



Jands HOG 500 w/ 1000 upgrade (Intelligent lights)
Leprechaun 624 (Conventional lights)
Conventional Lights
36 Par 64 (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL available upon request)
8 ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal

Lee, Rosco and Gam gels available upon request

48 ETC Sensor dimmers (2 racks w/ 24 dimmers each)

Intelligent Lighting
6 High End Studio Spots
4 High End Studio Beams
2 Atomic Strobes
2 8-light crowd blinders
LED Truss warmers

Haze and Fog Machines
1 Rosco Hazer

Backline Equipment:
Backline availability per advance with Production Manager


From I-80 Exit Virginia Exit , proceed south to Second Street, turn right on Second Street one half block to Fulton Alley. BACK Truck into alley against west side. Coordinate arrival time with PM to ensure proper traffic coordination.